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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Breaking News: Aata Judge Teena Death, Dancer, Model, Tina Dies at 38

Aata Judge Teena Death (Tina Sadhu): Telugu popular dance reality show of OMKAR, Aata, its one of the Lady judge known face to 90's kids died in an accident in GOA. She is just 38 years old. We all know Aata is a popular Telugu dance reality show, creative supervision and Directed by OMKAR. He only introuced Teena to the Television industry with this reality show. The show has become one of the most popular dance reality shows ever in the world of TV industry. Judges, Raju Sundaram, Nataraj, Teena and others have become household names in the Telugu states after this show.

aata teena death

Breaking News: Aata Judge Teena Death, Dancer, Model, Actor, Tina Dies at 38

Teena played various roles in Aata dance reality show like dancer, choreographer and as a Judge. Her original name is Tina Sadhu. She is also the winner of Aata Series 1. She played one of the important role in the success of Aata. OMKAR, Aata Sandeep and others have expressed their condolences. 

Years back Aata Bharat also died by committing suicide. Last year Another Aata judge and popular dance choreographer Shivashankar master died due to health issues. She is the 3rd notable person died from Aata family.

Tina Biography:

Aata Judge Teena real name is Tina Sadhu but popular as Aata Judge Teena. She is one of the beautiful dancers in Tollywood at that times. Tollywood dancers and Aata family expressing condolences and paying tribute to her.

That's all we know about her. More details yet to come

Aata Sandeep Reaction:

Sharing the News, Aata Sandeep wrote on his Instagram page saying that He is "Shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news of Tina Sadhu (Aata1Winner) demise.One of the humble person & my co partner in Aata 1 Dance reality show,Zee Telugu. Heartfelt condolences to her family & loved once..Rest In Peace"

Aata Judge Tina Death

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